How it works

Dove air is using advanced technology to empower people to address some of the biggest problems across Africa. We provide reliable and fast service while meeting all the safety standards.

Our distribution centers / takeoff areas

Dove air distribution centers are at the center of each service area. Medical products are stored in the centers to make sure as many people can be served by Dove air. Each distribution center can make hundreds of deliveries each day to any point within its range.

Third-party logistics

Dove air provides third-party logistics by holding medical products in our warehouses to minimize the lead time between order and delivery for end recipients.

Direct delivery

Dove air delivers packages that are prepared by our clients in instances like home prescription delivery where it is more efficient to fill patient-specific prescriptions centrally.

Receipt of client productsย 

Dove Air receives inventory that is held at our distribution centers.

Order by text messageย 

Order urgent medical products online. Dove performs life-saving deliveries on demand.

Packed in minutes

Centrally stored medical supplies ensure immediate access and quick packaging.


Within minutes hospitals receive order confirmation, with Doves taking off with no pilot required.

Delivery & pickup

Autonomous delivery via parachute, ensuring the recipients are notified via text.


After delivery, the drone returns and is quickly prepped to fly again.

Speed and safety combined

Safety is one of the top priorities of Dove air. Camera sensors and transponders ensure Doves fly safely and can be fully integrated into civil air traffic management. The built-in obstacle detection and sensors also guarantee safe navigation. Our Doves can still perform at a peak in all weather conditions, day and night Dove air has earned the trust of health care and our partners by operating safely.

11 Kg (24lbs) Payload

Can carry 6 different packages and parachute supplies

+800 Km(497mi) range

Can cover 20% of continental USA

180km/hr (111mi/hr) max speed

Our doves move product quickly over long distances

Fully autonomous

Our unmanned traffic management solution can safely direct dozens of Dove

How Dove Air can integrate into the public health supply chain