5m wingspan
180 km/h top speed
Live HD camera
11kg payload
Vertical take off
Fully Automonous
Range 800km

Technical Specifications



Flight Modes Perfomance
Flight mode Automatic by waypoints on the map Flight time 8+ hours with 11 kg payload
Takeoff and landing options

– Runway

– Catapult take-off and parachute recovery


Service ceiling 4700 m with 11 kg payload
Auto return

In case of losing:

– GNSS navigation;

– Control link;

– Low fuel level.

Cruise speed

Max speed

100 km/h

140 km/h

Measurements Communications
Wing-span 5 m Encrypted real-time Full HD video 90 km
Long endurance fuel tank 20 l Encrypted datalink 95 km
Payload capacity 11 kg Satellite navigation GPS/GLONASS/Galileo
MTOW 55 kg Satellite datalink Optionally



Payload Options